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This re-issue was procuded in France by Jean-Paul Guiter - probably tne most important ever consecrated to a jazz musician. (37 lps)
Of course, this is not a complete recordings edition, since Thomas Fats Waller played in incalculable number of concerts, clubs, radio broadcasts and also, unformal meetings ...

such as during this afternoon in spring 1937 at Fats' home.
After a brilliant introduction of his friends (James P Johnson, Eubie Blake, Willie Smith, Ken Macomber ... Fats plays somes tunes

Gerswhin's Liza is played by a prodigious James P.Johnson.

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     Fats introduction

     Fats at the piano, mélancholic and inventive

     I'm crazy about my baby

     Lost love, by Andy Razaf and Thomas Fat Waller

     G. Gershwin's Liza played by James P Johnson

2 mémorial sets (10 Lps)

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 Mémorial I          Mémorial II

2 Lps Muzak series  1935

   Muzak I          Muzak II 

25 Lps (1927 à 1943)

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  Vol 11  Vol 12  Vol 13  Vol 14  Vol 15

Vol 16  Vol 17  Vol 18  Vol 19  Vol 20

Vol 21  Vol 22  Vol 23  Vol 24   Vol 24 plus

références :
Ain't Missbehavin,The story of Fats Waller by Ed Kirkeby - Da capo press, NY
Fats Waller, Maurice Waller and Antony Calabrese - Schimmer books NY
Fats Waller, Alyn Shipton - Omnibus Press, London
Crédit photos : The Frank Driggs collection, M. Lipskin, S. Grossman, D.Schiedt
english version : Thanks to Jerry Zucker for his precious help

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