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Harlem, New-York in the 30's ...

   Believe it Beloved   (1935)



Picture this ! Fats Waller, whether alone at the piano or accompanied by his orchestra, pounding out his ditties with his inevitable touch of clownish wit, stops, pours himself a shot or two of gin and cracks a joke while eyeing at the waitress hips ...

The dazzled public asks for more, even to the point of forgetting his music, his delicate "stride".

Like a burst of laughter, Fats Waller rattled off more than 450 compositions including many well-known standards, as well as hundred of recordings, concerts, tours, clubs, radio shows, musicals ... In short, he had a hearty appetite in every sense of the word.

Fats Waller left a remarkable stamp on the history of jazz but also, in the hearts of scores of admirers. More than seventy years after he left this earth, his style, joie de vivre and exuberance continues to pull us away from our worries et remind us that good humour is still powerful medicine.


références :
Ain't Misbehavin, the story of Fats Waller by Ed Kirkeby - Da capo press, NY
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Crédit photos : The Frank Driggs collection, M. Lipskin, S. Grossman, D.Schiedt
English version : Thanks to Jerry Zucker for his precious help

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